Hello world!

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This blog will be about one thing, and one thing only. It will be about how to start and build a brand from an idea or a hobby. I did it, and so can you.

My name is Caroline and I have a jewelry brand called Caroline Hjerpe (www.carolinehjerpe.se). I started making jewelry as a hobby 1,5 years ago in March 2014. I didn’t know anything about jewelry making, silver or how to get a brand – something that wasn’t even on my mind at that point. I just got an idea and I did it. I bought everything I needed to make a silver ring, typical me – I didn’t know anything about making jewelry!

I went home, sat down at my kitchen table, and I did what I saw on a YouTube video that I was supposed to do. Cut, rasp, bend, burn. But no, that didn’t work. Of course not, why would it be that simple? I put everything away after two hours, and didn’t take it back up until 2 weeks later. I tried again. Cut, rasp, bend, burn. Nothing. I was wondering what I was doing wrong, and I called a friend of mine who has tried everything artsy possible. He told me that I had to burn with the top of the blue flame from the torch. Okay, one more time. Cut, rasp, bend, burn. After two hours of trying, I did it. I made a ring, now called Hlin.

After that everything just kept rolling, and today I have a jewelry brand that I work with full time in an office that I redid to a studio in Stockholm, Sweden. This will be a guide for you to do what I did, at least I will share with you my greatest tips to get yourself a business.

I will guide you, step by step, through the process of getting a Tictail store for your products, branding yourself and creative a marketing strategy. I will also share my TOP TICTAIL STORES with you, so that you can get inspired. So – if this is anything you find interesting, well, then keep reading.


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