… and some more tips

Yes, okay. So the rest of the start up-tips that I have for you to get your store going in the beginning.

Step 4How about your name? This is one of the hardest parts, for some people. You want something unique, something that nobody else has – but also something that people will remember, of course. It cannot be too hard, preferably something you can spell easily and hopefully something catchy and cool. I had a lot of trouble with this at first – I wanted something really cool and catchy, but I couldn’t come up with anything. So I went for the easy road – I chose my own name. It is NOT easy to spell, which is a bummer, but it has worked kind of well for me. A friend of mine, mumbaistockholm, or Cecilia which is her real name, went to Mumbai, India, and that was where she started thinking about making jewelry. Therefore, it was perfect to mix the cities she loved – Mumbai and her hometown Stockholm. Another friend of mine, Olivehummer, mixed her best friends name, and her favourite food – and there it was, the name on her blog. Think about stuff you like, you stand for, your product or your name.

Step 5. Give aways, ambassadors and all that jazz. Yes, all that is very important! How do you get people to find you? Like this! You find people on Instagram that you like – cool IT-girls, other awesome brands, influential people or just something that you think can show off your product in a good way – and you email them, asking them to wear/use your product on their blog/Instagram and tagging you. Maybe even arrange a give away – where the people competing has to follow you, follow the person arranging it and tagging two friends in the comment field. In this way, you will hopefully and probably get a lot of new followers and a lot of attention!

Step 6Ads. You heard me – ads. This way, people will find you. Facebook Ads are probably the best and the ads that will give you the most clicks and buyers. People use Facebook everyday (not everyone, no, but most of the people nowadays use it at least a few times a week) and it’s available worldwide. People will see you product in their news feed and they will click on it – and BOOM, every now and then they will buy something from you – or at least they might come back later for a product from you.

This will do it, for now. I’ll get back with more tips on how to get your store going every now and then – with tips about how to boost slow sales, get more followers on Instagram and on your Tictail store, and what apps to prioritise in the beginning when the cash isn’t flowing, so to speak.

Thanks for reading!




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