I think it’s time to get inspired. I have collected a few of my favourite Tictail stores and also a few of my favourite Instagram accounts – only so that you can get inspired (and maybe shop a little while you are at it).

  • Minimocks — shop: – instagram: @minimockspetra. This woman sells moccasins for children and they are  a d o r a b l e !! She started out about 2 years ago and has grown from a hobby to selling oh so many shoes and having a total of 62k followers on Instagram!! She is an amazing person, too, which just makes it all so much better. Her Instagram account is really nice to look at.
  • Createaholic — shop: – instagram: @createaholic. Oh, Fanny is the name of this girl. Her Instagram has gone from 1 follower to 3500 followers in, like, 5 months or something!! I have no idea how it is possible, so go to her Instagram and try to understand. I think it is her bohemian style, her loving tone and fab pictures. It’s just so much great – not to even talk about her products.
  • Sonia Cavallini illustrations — shop: – instagram: @soniacavalliniillustrations. These illustrations and postcards and the paper – everything is so beautiful. This womans products is so wonderful and I love how she has mixed her illustrations and different patterns, colors, light and everything in her Instagram flow. Check it out!
  • Eleonor Boström — shop: – instagram: @eleonorbostrom. This girl has a FANTASTIC Tictail store. Look at her pictures, her style. She has used different background colors – in the opposite of me for example, who only use white backgrounds. I have to rethink this, cause the different background color thing really helped make the webshop really cool. This is a truly great inspo for your Tictail shop and products shots!

Okay, so start here. More to come people, but I need to gather up some more awesome stores for you.



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