How to get more traffic to your store

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So happy to see so many new readers here on my blog. I’m not that great at blogging – but I’m planning on getting better! So bare with me.

This time I want to give you a few tips on how to get more traffic to your store. This is a question I get quite frequently, and it’s of course very hard to get people to find your store. A few of these tips, you have heard before, but still.

  • Instagram. Yes, I know, I’ve told you before – but I cannot stretch this enough. Really – Instagram has helped me so so much with getting traffic to my store. Sometimes I get a like on an old picture, and then 5 minutes later I get an order in my Tictail store. It is seriously connected. Promote your products, promote YOU, promote your webshop – and people will find you and after a while, they will fall in love with your products (otherwise they wouldn’t be following you) – and they will go to your store. So – take good pictures, like other photos, follow people and promote yourself! Tip! Check out PETRA’s COURSES for tips on how to grow on Instagram! 
  • Pinterest. So sorry to say, but a lot of traffic come from social media. Pinterest is not one of my main things when it comes to marketing myself, but I try to be more and more active. Same as Instagram – update daily, like around and follow people – it’s the only way for people to find you.
  • Tictail marketplace? This is something many of Tictailers ask – how do I get Tictail to show me on their marketplace? This is not the easiest thing! I’ve asked some people at Tictail, and basically they feature every shop on their marketplace, but not everyone is on the “main page” or are being featured. To be featured – you have to work on your shops look. They want it to look GREAT on their marketplace, of course, so make sure you take good pictures of your products, choose a great header for your shop and write a awesome description.
  • Google and Facebook ads. I’ve tried Facebook ads a few times, and it works. It’s not the best best ever, but it’s affordable, and it gets you a lot of traffic to your Facebook page – and if that looks great – people will want to visit your store. Believe me. It’s all about the looks of your product-shots. I haven’t tried Google Ads, but I’m guessing you should start with Facebook – please help me here if you have tried Google Ads – did you like it?

Okay, now I need to think some more about what I usually do to get more traffic to my store, but start with these things – ESPECIALLY INSTAGRAM!!




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