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Busy busy week. I. Am. Swamped. For about 1 year and 8 months ago I made my first ring and today I have so much to do that I’m thinking of getting an assistant. How did I get here!? I’m not even sure myself, but I’m loving every second of it. I’m so glad everything worked out this way – and I want to help YOU get to where I am, because if I could – then you can!

During this 1,5 years I have learnt, oh, so many things. A few of them is about MY brand and MY business – but a few of them is about creating a brand and a business from nothing, and this is what I want to share with you. It’s possible to get somewhere without having “the perfect plan” about where you are going with your hobby / business, and I am a living proof of that. A few things that you do need, though, is ambitions, you have to be motivated and have a lot (!!) of energy because when you are starting your own business, you have to work so so much, more than you think.

One other thing that I’ve learnt along the way is that it’s very important to prioritize, and this when it comes to everything. Money, emails, offers, orders and so on. If you are not very rich, or have someone providing for you – you probably don’t have that much money in the beginning, and you have to prioritize about a lot of things. Buy new and more expensive materials or getting a better looking packaging design? Should you get help answering all those emails and mailing all those orders or should you get a better office for the money you save on not having an assistant? Better products or more products? There are so many things you constantly have to prioritize between – because after a while, you cannot do everything that comes in your way. A few guidelines and things to think about are

  • Will this help your brand grow?
  • Will more people around the world get to know your brand if you do this?
  • Is there anything else that you better can do with your time?

One more thing. I wrote a blog post about THE 5 MUST-HAVE TICTAIL APPS, so at least you will not have to think about that. You can read it here




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