Email me!

I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again (cause when I do, I get so many emails and I LOVE IT);

EMAIL ME! ASK ME SOMETHING! You want to know how I’m doing what I’m doing? Do you want to know why I can live on making jewelry? Do you want to know how to get your hobby out there and selling your product? Well – email me! I’ll answer you and we can chat, email or whatever. Just ask me anything, I promise I’ll reply! I mean, with all the views I’m getting, I bet you guys are interested in what I can teach you?

Also – if you want to know something special or have any tips on what I can write on this blog, then email me about that, too! Or maybe you have something that you feel you can share, that you’ve learnt along the way? Well, again, email me!!!

Love to all of ya!


Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 20.59.46


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