Customer support and the importance of it

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Hello y’all and HAPPY FRIDAY!

The last couple of days I have met with a few other brands that I know, Mumbaistockholm and BahKadisch, and we talked a little bit about  A L L  T H O S E  E M A I L S  you get when you have your own business, and how to handle it. It’s not easy, I tell you, when you get – oh so many – emails a day and you know that the sooner you answer them, the better. It’s not always easy to be fast at answering emails from potential or existing customers, especially when it’s Saturday afternoon and you just want to have brunch and hang out with friends. And I’m gonna tell you a few guidelines of how to handle it all, when it feels like its a lot.

First – so sorry to say, but try to be connected as often as you can. in the best of all worlds, you’ll be able to answer every email in just a few minutes. Of course, thats not always possible. I answer my emails as quick as I possibly can, sometimes the customer gets a reply in just 2 minutes, and believe me – these customers are the happiest ones! And by the way, with the new thing TICTAIL TALK you can chat with your customers, which is very awesome. The conversation goes quick, and you do not have to write a long email, just chat with each other. Sometimes you just don’t feel like working, and that is totally fine, but try to at least answer the emails within a day or two. If it takes too long, the customer might get annoyed or maybe eben changes their mind, and just like that you have lost a customer. It’s just not worth it.

Second – be helpful. I know, sometimes it sucks when the customer has ordered something and it’s the wrong size or shape or whatever, and you have to email back and forth and then the question about changing the product to another, changing the size or whatever the problem is – it’s all just a hassle. But – again – it’s so worth it. You get a happy customer, and I mean, you do not want someone to talk bad about your brand, neither that someone has a product that they cannot use – that is just worthless. They will never return to a store where you do not get the help you need or where you cannot return / exchange the product. So again, be fast with the reply, and be helpful!

Another problem that sometimes can occur is that the product that you have shipped gets lost in the mail. Here you have two options – ignore it, just saying “sorry, not my problem”, or help the customer by saying “I’ll fix you a new product and ship it as soon as I can”. I absolutely recommend the second option. This has happened to me, pretty recently too, and after 2,5 weeks without the package returning to me or get to the customer – I decided to make new rings. That is just the right thing to do. It sucks, but it happens pretty rarely and it’s worth it to get a happy customer!

Third – be flexible. If someone wants to, say, stop by your studio / shop / office or wherever you are hanging, let them. And if you don’t have a good place where you usually sit, then meet them at a nice coffee shop or whatever you feel comfortable about. Just a little PS here is that if you are producing something, clothes, jewelry, prints or something, try to have a space where you can show it. Maybe at your home even, if you don’t have any place. You should try to respect that the customer maybe wants to see the product before buying it. For me, the customers who can do a walk in at my studio, they often purchase more than they planned before. This is because they can see the product live, can feel it and try it on – something that of course is better if you have some in stock. With this said – if the customer wants to stop by, try to make it fit in and be flexible. Maybe you weren’t supposed to go to the office / studio / whatever that day, or maybe it’s a weekend and they want something for the night at the birthday party they are going to, well – try to be flexible and help them solve the problem. If you do this, the changes that they come back to your store are so much better!

So – it all comes down to – stay connected, be helpful and be flexible. I promise you – this will help you get happy customers, which always results in more customers and most of all – returning customers.




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